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Paneer Tikka (NONG)

An ultimate mix for cottage cheese in mildly spiced tomato gravy. This sumptuous blend of spices like fenugreek, cinnamon and creamy cashew nuts produces a memorable cottage cheese dish that will appeal to all. To make an unforgettable version, use Suhana Paneer Tikka Masala Mix.


Cashew Nut, Common Salt, Chilli, Milk Solids, Sugar, Tomato Powder, Coriander, Dry Fenugreek Leaves, Corndtarch, Cumin, Green Cardamom, Cassia Bark, Clove, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Bay Leaf, Paprika, Turmeric, Mace, Caraway, Refined Cottonseed Oil

  • This item is vegetarian.
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  • Rs. 400

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Shelf life: Best Before 12 Month

Specialty: Jain Food


Back in 1962, the visionary, ambitious and enterprising team of Shri. Hukmichand Chordia and Smt. Kamalbai Chordia launched a new line of spices from a modest, home-based set-up. Disillusioned with the state of the spices market in Western India, the couple decided to become masters of their own destiny and revolutionize the way spices were manufactured in the region. Right through our existence, we have placed paramount importance on developing and nurturing deep and lasting relationships. At Suhana, spices are not a simple commodity, but a means to satiate the souls of our customers and create an everlasting bond that lasts for generations.